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Orchard & Vineyard Spreaders

From the leader in precision application of dry material, BBI Spreaders brings you the most effective orchard and vineyard spreaders on the market today. Available in mechanical and hydraulic models, BBI’s orchard and vineyard spreaders are optimized to perform to the exact needs of your crops, from fruit trees to grapevines.

Cricket Vineyard is BBI’s mechanical orchard and vineyard spreader. With reversible wheels that allow for 50 or 60-inch vineyard tracks, Cricket Vineyard features a 58-inch hopper for low-limb clearance. Whether you’re spreading fertilizer, limb, or compost, Cricket Vineyard is the ultimate mechanical orchard and vineyard spreader to meet your needs.

BBI also offers a hydraulic orchard and vineyard spreader for large-scale operations. The company’s eight-foot MagnaSpread single-axle model spreads lime at 60-foot swaths and fertilizer at swaths up to 80 feet. The MagnaSpread orchard and vineyard spreader is equipped with BBI’s proprietary Binary Manifold, making connections to precision agriculture technology a snap.

Cricket Orchard and Vineyard Spreader

Cricket Vineyard Spreader

  • Pull-type, mechanical
  • Precision ag-ready
  • Spreads fertilizer in 80-ft swaths, lime in 60-ft swaths

MagnaSpread 8' Single Axle Fertilizer Lime Spreader

MagnaSpread 8' Single Axle Fertilizer Lime Spreader

  • Pull-type, Hydraulic
  • Narrow wheel track width
  • Lightweight—needs only 30-40 hp tractor for pulling

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