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Rock, Salt & Sand Spreaders

The BBI Rockbody is a Truck Mounted Rock, Sand, Salt Spreader. Truck Mounted Rock, Sand, Salt Spreaders are often used for application of salt to roads as well as gravel, aggregate or sand. The BBI Rockbody Truck Mounted Salt Spreader has a specially designed conveyor system to minimize corrosion to the working parts of the conveyor - and to simplify repairs when corrosion occurs.

RockBody Rock, Salt and Sand Spreader


BBI Rockbody - Rock, Gravel, Sand, Salt and Aggregate Spreader- Easy to Operate -Distribution of Rock, Gravel, Sand, Salt and Aggregate -

SideShooter Rock, Salt and Sand Spreader

SideShooter - 10ft Single Axle Carbon Steel Dairy Spreader

BBI SideShooter - Pull Type Dairy Spreader - Side distribution of Dairy Sand, Fish Pellets or smiliar materials.

BBI’s mission is to improve each customer’s economics, driving value and return on equipment investment through better yields, less waste, and overall greater profitability. To that end, the company equips all hydraulic fertilizer and lime spreaders in the flagship MagnaSpread line and Producer Series models with BBI’s proprietary Binary Manifold. The Binary Manifold gives field users easy connections to all precision agriculture electronics.

The Task Command System, an all-new precision agriculture suite from BBI Electronics, is standard equipment on all hydraulic models, including MagnaSpread, MagnaSpread Ultra, MagnaSpread 2, and MagnaSpread 3.

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